Manchester Buddhist Centre is part of the Triratna Buddhist Community

The Triratna Buddhist Order and Community are a worldwide movement, founded by Sangharakshita in 1967. Triratna is a Sanskrit word meaning three jewels, traditionally held at the heart of a Buddhist life: the Buddha as example; the Dharma, his teachings; and the Sangha, or community.

For many people Sangharakshita has brought the Dharma to life, drawing out the essential elements of being a committed, practising Buddhist, transforming ourselves and the world around us. He has been a translator between east and west, tradition and the modern world, emphasising the value of spiritual friendship and community, the link between religion and the arts, and the need for contexts that support our practice and values.

About Sangharakshita and Triratna

Sangharakshita 1925 – 2018

Sangharakshita was born Dennis Lingwood in London in 1925. He developed an early interest in Eastern philosophies, and, on reading the Diamond Sutra aged sixteen, realised that he was a Buddhist. He became involved in wartime London’s small Buddhist world, until conscription took him to India. After the war he stayed on, eventually being ordained as a Theravadin monk and given the name Sangharakshita – “protector of (or protected by) the spiritual community”. Living for fourteen years in Kalimpong and studying intensively under leading Buddhist teachers, he wrote about and taught the Dharma, playing a key part in the revival of Buddhism in India, through his work with the followers of Dr Ambedkar.

On returning to the UK, he set up the Friends of the Western Buddhist Order or FWBO – a new Buddhist movement for the modern West. He is now the author of over fifty books.

International Gathering of Triratna Buddhist Order

FWBO becomes Triratna

Things grew rapidly throughout the seventies, eighties and nineties. The Order now numbers two thousand members worldwide, of whom a third are in India. In 2010, the FWBO changed its name to Triratna to reflect its internationality.


The Present Day

Sangharakshita died on 30th October at the age of 93, after living at Adhisthana in Herefordshire for some years. In the late 1990s he had handed on his responsibilities to a College of Public Preceptors.

At fifty years old, Triratna is still a new and developing Buddhist tradition, and reconsidering how Buddhist practice can be lived fully in the modern world has not been without its difficulties. As Vajragupta writes:

It’s the story of a circle of friends dreaming a dream, and working to make it a reality. They were, by necessity, working out what it was they were trying to do as they went along. It’s the story of how a community evolves … of idealism and naivety, growth and growing pains, hard work and burnout, friendship and fallout.
From The Triratna Story – Full text available free in pdf format

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Triratna in Manchester

As part of the Triratna tradition, Manchester Buddhist Centre continues to develop and build on Sangharakshita’s vision of communicating the Buddha’s teachings.

For those who want to commit to the Buddhist path, we have a clear training route to help you develop your understanding in a lively sangha of friends, supporting each other to deepen our practice, sharing the joys and challenges of spiritual life.

Our community isn’t perfect, but we believe we are trying our best to put the Buddha’s teachings into practice in a complex and diverse city and world.

Manchester Triratna Buddhist Order Members

Whatever has the nature of arising has the nature of ceasing

The Buddha

Kimsuka Sutta

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