Change your mind to change the world: in this 21st July 2012 public talk, Vidyamala speaks about the life-changing power of awareness

Vidyamala is passionate about the revolutionary potential of mind and heart training and has a sense of urgency about making the most of the life that we have, whatever our circumstances, to be as fully present and kind as possible.

Drawing on her own experience of many years’ mindfulness practice, she shares with us its importance and the role it can play in helping us lead a happy and fulfilled life.

Vidyamala says:

Do you want to be a revolutionary? Do you want to be a freedom fighter? Do you want to take on the ultimate challenge of letting go of a limited sense of yourself and others to gain freedom of heart and mind? Are you dying to 
live fully? Are you dying to love fully?

If you have a yes response to any of these questions, come to this talk and find out how to be fully awake and free – right here, right now in this modern world. Find out how to die to smallness and be born into greatness in each precious moment, following the guidance of the Buddha – the awakened one.

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