A Place of Kindness: Covid-19 Fundraiser

Our Chair Silabodhi, dressed for the part, introduces our seasonal fundraising campaign

We need your Help please

Covid-19 has forced Manchester Buddhist Centre to close its doors for much of the year. and although we’ve done everything possible to cut costs, like many small charities we’ve lost significant income and face uncertain months ahead. Our bookshop, room hire, courses and business rents have all been hit, but we’ve still offered hundreds of events online whilst finding creative ways to support each other and grow our community.

The Buddhist Centre has so much to offer the Northern Quarter business community and the people of Manchester. Buddhist teachings direct us to the truth that everything is impermanent and that we can only hope to cope with uncertainty, change and loss when we come together to support each other with love and compassion. Please donate so that we can be here for you, and all Manchester people as we recover from this traumatic collective experience.

Wisdom and Compassion

Our Centre is a place of refuge for anyone who needs it. Many people come to us through mental or physical difficulties. We’re here to transform adversity into strength and hatred into love. Now more than ever, the world needs this. Please help us to continue this vital work.

Thank you for your generosity

Join the Dharma Elves! Sal explains . . .

This year, I’m sure that just like me you’ve really missed seeing Sangha friends in the way we normally do. Those impromptu chats in the kitchen, sitting together in the shrine room or hanging out in the meeting room with your chapter or study group. One thing I’ve particularly missed are those random acts of kindness that we do so well here.

So with this in mind, we’d love you to get involved in our Dharma Elves campaign. Based loosely on Secret Santa, and costing us no more than £10 each, we choose a person local to us in the Sangha and make them a gift costing £5 or less and give the other £5 to the Centre’s Covid-19 Fundraiser..There are loads of ideas online around gifts to make – marshmallow snowman ornament, bookmark, gingerbread fudge, a wreath, tree decorations – it’s fine to buy something too!

How to be a Dharma Elf

  1. Think of someone locally who you’d like to make a gift for, ideally as a mutual arrangement but it doesn’t have to be. Let them know you will be making them something
  2. Decide what you want to make. Have fun with it!
  3. Work out how to get the gift to them
  4. Donate your £5, or more if you want, to our Covid 19 Fundraiser
  5. Let me know who you are making a gift for – sal@manchesterbuddhistcentre.org.uk – photos would be great!

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Opening Times & more

Opening Times:

The Centre's reception and shop are now open 11am - 3pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and other activities will be reviewed as government guidelines evolve. Our events, classes and activities are online for now, so do join us there! Join our mailing list to stay up to date, or keep an eye on our news page and social media. Please check Bodywise's website for their separate opening arrangements. Charity reg no: 514937

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