Another Way of Looking at Fundraising

Launching our 2022 fundraiser, Silabodhi suggests an alternative perspective

This campaign is one way that we are trying to reduce our financial deficit in the aftermath of pandemic lockdowns. Perhaps more importantly, it’s an opportunity for us all to explore our relationship with the Buddhist Centre. It’s very easy to start with an attitude of giving money for what we receive here.

We could take an alternative perspective though – giving more for the sake of others. This approach can help us do more as a Centre, to grow and reach new people who so desperately need the Dharma. It also means we can help members of our community who aren’t so financially comfortable.

It also recognises that we can all play an integral part in the life of the Buddhist Centre, and share a sense of responsibility for passing on the gifts that we have been given by others.

By approaching things in this way, many of us have found a great joy. We’ve found that giving the gift of the Dharma can be even more rewarding than receiving it. Paradoxically, the more we give, the more we receive.


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