Health and Safety Policy

Manchester Buddhist Centre Health and Safety Policy Statement

Manchester Buddhist Centre is committed to working in a way that protects the health, safety and welfare of employees and others affected by our activities. We will give equal regard to the environment, health and safety, customer care and cost. We will comply with legislation as a minimum, and strive to improve
performance on a continual basis.

We will promote equally the duties of trustees, management and employees. All employees and others working on our premises, have a duty to co-operate with supervisors, managers and trustees to maintain health and safety provisions, to take care of their own health and safety and that of others, and to report any concerns they may have or unsafe conditions they find. The charity is committed to:

• Providing a healthy and safe working environment
• Identifying hazards and assessing risks
• Providing safe systems of work
• Providing information, training and instruction
• Consulting with the workforce
• Providing competent supervision
• Providing personal protective equipment where necessary
• Providing advice and monitoring
• Providing adequate welfare facilities
• Working with competent contractors and other third parties

The charity has appointed a chair to the charity who is responsible for monitoring and reviewing this policy. However, all trustees, managers and supervisors must accept responsibility for the health and safety at work of employees and others under their control (including volunteers).

Trustees are responsible for making available adequate physical and organisational resources. Managers must devise and implement safe systems of work and supervisors must ensure that workers are briefed and consulted on any risks they are exposed to, and comply with safe working practices. Managers are responsible for ensuring the policy is brought to the notice of all employees and others who may be affected by it. Where necessary the company will employ specialists to assist with meeting statutory requirements and implementing this policy.

This policy requires commitment from all parties; trustees, managers, supervisors, employees and third parties (where applicable) to ensure its successful implementation. This policy will be reviewed on an annual basis.

Signed: Arthavadin
Position in Company: Chairman
Date: 30.3.17.


Manchester Buddhist Centre
16-20 Turner Street
M4 1DZ
0161 834 9232

Policy adopted January 2014, reviewed March 2017

Manchester Buddhist Centre
16-20 Turner Street
Northern Quarter, M4 1DZ
0161 834 9232
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