Manchester Buddhist Centre’s urban retreat theme was the Five Stages of the Spiritual Path and the participants were local Order members and Mitras. We launched with Ratnaguna’s talk on the five dimensions, principles or stages of the path. He also speaks movingly of starting to help build what is now the Triratna Buddhist Community, and the radical spirit of that time.

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After Ratnaguna’s keynote talk we had an introduction and led meditation on each of the Five Stages of the Path:

  1. Integration
  2. Skilful Intention, or Positive Emotion
  3. Spiritual Receptivity
  4. Spiritual Death
  5. Spiritual Rebirth

Throughout the week, the Sangha explored the theme with talks, discussions, and contemplations

Dayanandi leads a meditation including all five aspects of the Path

Dayamala speaking on spiritual receptivity
Sona talking about spiritual receptivity

Dayanandi leading a meditation on the cultivation of skillful intention and Bodhicitta

Ratnaguna and Arthaketu dialogue on the theme of spiritual death, with contributions from the audience

. . . Ending with a contribution from a Mitra:

Sue McKenna talks about pivotal moments in her spiritual life

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