Sangharakshita visited Manchester Buddhist Centre on 7th April 2008 and gave a talk on the Six Emphases of the FWBO (now the Triratna Buddhist Community)

After an introduction by Ratnaguna, Sangharakshita spoke to an overflowing room.

Sangharakshita is the founder of the Friends of the Western Buddhist Order / The Triratna Buddhist Community.

The Triratna Buddhist Community’s six distinctive emphases

  1. An ecumenical Buddhist movement: Triratna does not identify itself exclusively with any one eastern Buddhist tradition
  2. The centrality of going for Refuge to the Buddha, the Dharma and the Sangha as the principle that unites all Buddhists
  3. A unified Buddhist Order: The Triratna Buddhist Order is open on completely equal terms to both men and women. It accepts people from whatever cultural, racial or social background
  4. Although all forms of Buddhism recognise the idea of “right” livelihood – it is a step on the Noble Eightfold Path – this is the fourth distinctive emphasis of the Triratna Buddhist Community
  5. An emphasis on the value of the arts
  6. An emphasis on friendship, especially spiritual friendship
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