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London Buddhist Centre Mitra and artist, Idoia, is running a project to showcase home shrines….

Idoia says:

’I’m looking for contributors for a publication to explore refuge, reverence, faith and worship through the shrines that some of us might have at home. What’s on your shrine? What’s your inspiration? What do you bow to, if anything? I would love to get a sense of how we’re all connected through our practice in the intimacy of our homes, especially at this unusual time when other places for social contact and practice are out of reach. I’m hoping others would benefit from such publication too.’

What Idoia would like from you in this case:

  • a photograph or two of your shrine (high resolution/quality – pictures taken with your phone and sent as an attachment at the original size would work unless you prefer to send pictures taken with a better camera).
  • (optional) a photograph or two of some details/close-ups in your shrine, or of anything else you bow to (also in high resolution/quality)
  • (optional) a few words about what moves you to go to your shrine (or what stops you from going!) or about what’s on your shrine and why. It can be a few loose words, a sentence, a paragraph, a poem, a quote.. whatever you want it to be (suggested approx 150 words).
  • your name and an indication of whether you are ok with your name to appear on the same page/spread as the picture of your shrine, or on a list of contributors at the end, or both. If you want a picture of yourself to be included, please send one too. Or let me know if you’d rather keep it anonymous (if you don’t let me know you’d want to keep it anonymous I will presume it’s ok for your name to be featured)
  • the place where you live – village, town, city, county, country
  • the tradition or context within which you practice (e.g. Triratna)

If you’d like to participate, please send all the above to hello@idoiaacha.com by 21st June 2020

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