Sangha Day Festival 2020

We're not sure yet whether this event will go ahead solely online using Zoom or whether there will also be an option to attend in person in person. Online is the most likely possibility. We're currently mostly closed due to the Coronavirus outbreak, but are updating the site regularly so please come back and check frequently. You can join our mailing list to stay up to date with new and changed events here or follow us on social media.

On Sangha Day we celebrate our spiritual community in one of the four main Buddhist festivals in the year, usually held at the time of the full moon.

More about festivals and ritual

Who is the event for?

Suitable for anyone who has experience of our two meditation practices, Mindfulness of Breathing and Metta Bhavana, and is open to Buddhist ritual.

No need to book, just turn up a few minutes before we start. No charge, but as an unfunded charity, we rely on the generosity of people who use and value the Centre to help cover running costs, over £6,000 a week. We will welcome donations on the day and beyond.

Can you help out on the Day?

We often need friendly Sangha members to help make this sort of event run smoothly. Much of the work is done before and after, so you'd still be able to join in with everyone else. Please contact Sundeep on if you are interested in joining the organising team. Thank you!

Sangha Day Programme – provisional

Please be here in time for a prompt start in the Lotus Hall at 1.30
12.30 pm: Lunch: There will be a lunch break during the day, but given the current circumstances, we are asking people not to bring vegetarian food to share. Instead, we ask that you simply bring your own vegetarian food for lunch. Alternatively, there are many places nearby where you can buy lunch. 
1.30 pm: Introduction, meditation, readings, talks, reflection, discussion, Puja
5.30 pm: End

Health Issues

If there are any health issues, physical, emotional or mental, that could affect your participation in a course or event, please contact the Buddhist Centre on 0161 834 9232, and ask to talk confidentially to one of our Order members, before deciding whether to attend.

Dr Ambedkar Festival

What Dr Ambedkar can teach us in Troubled Times

Join us for our annual Dr Ambedkar Festival, where we learn, explore and celebrate the pioneer who was such an inspiration to our founding teacher, Sangharakshita.

In Ambedkar and Buddhism, Sangharakshita writes:
“Even though it was as the Architect of the Constitution of Free India that he passed into official history and is today most widely remembered, his real significance consists in the fact that it was he who established a revived Indian Buddhism on a firm foundation. It is therefore as the Modern Ashoka that he really deserves to be known, and the statue standing outside the parliament building in Delhi should really depict him holding The Buddha and His Dhamma underneath his arm and pointing – for the benefit of all mankind – in the direction of the Three Jewels.”

Vajratara, an Order Member with a deep connection with Dr Ambedkar and his ongoing work in India, will lead the evening which will include a talk and ritual.
Visit this visual exhibition to find out more about Dr Ambedkar and Sangharakshita’s work in bringing Buddhism back to India, the land of its birth.

More about festivals and ritual

Who is the event for?

Suitable for anyone who has experience of our two meditation practices, Mindfulness of Breathing and Metta Bhavana, and is open to Buddhist ritual.

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