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These talks were given here in recent years and appear in either audio or video format. They are more or less in date order with the most recent first.

Humanity is Basically One

A talk by Acharashraddha on our Sangha Retreat at Adhisthana. Can we communicate and be friends with any other human being? What is spiritual friendship? April 2019

Religion in a Secular World

A talk by Vishangka on our Sangha Retreat at Adhisthana. Is Buddhism a religion? What is faith? What can religion offer to humanity? April 2019

The Buddha beyond the Buddha

Ratnaguna explores the archetypal Buddha, freed from his historical and geographical context, as found in the Mahayana sutras. October 2018

The Buddha was born as we are born

Ratnaguna explores the Buddha as a human being in a particular time and context, drawing from Pali sources that help bring out his personality. October 2018

Stepping Down and Going Out

In this lively and engaging talk, Sanghaketu suggests that focusing on one side in our practice can leave us feeling out of balance. April 2018.

The Greater Mandala of Uselessness

Vajrapriya explores the terms doing and being and suggests how we can bring greater stillness into activity, and vibrant energy into calm. March 2018

Sailing the Worldly Winds

At our International Women’s Day celebrations, Taravandana explores the Buddha’s teachings on the Worldly Winds and how we can navigate them as women in the 21st Century. March 2018

Me and my Mate Pingya

Priyavadita explores the role that faith has played in his spiritual life. In particular, his love for “Pingya’s praises of the way to the beyond”, a text from the Sutta Nipata. January 2018.

Insight and Perception

Mahabodhi explores the meaning of the Sanskrit term ‘samjna’, or ‘sanna’ in Pali, often translated as perception. November 2017

Sangha and Harmony

A talk given by Daniel Bradford on the Sangha Day Festival at Manchester Buddhist Centre, November 2017

A Body at Peace with Itself

Balajit shares his journey of discovery around what the body is and what it might mean for the body to be truly, profoundly and deeply at peace with itself. October 2017

The Curse of Narcissus – Getting over Yourself!

Arthapriya invites Western Triratna Buddhists to rise to the challenge of Dr Ambedkar’s vision by working collectively and seeing that our own well-being and freedom is interwoven with those around us. October 2017

The Reluctant Bodhisattva

In this inspiring talk, Nagapriya outlines his experience of working with others to establish the Centro Budista de Cuernavaca in Mexico. September 2017

The Power of Love

In a Triratna Night talk, Chandana uses personal reflections to explore the practical application of metta in our Buddhist practice. July 2017.

Strong for the Many

In a Dharma Day talk, Sanghadhara asks how developing our practice can help us benefit all beings, July 2017.

When Wisdom meets Compassion

In a talk for International Women’s Day, Satyamuni reflects on whether social and political action is enough to end suffering. March 2017

The Imaginal Faculty

At a day for women training for ordination, Taravandana explores the Imaginal Faculty and how it can help deepen our spiritual practice. January 2017

Triratna Sangha in India

Tarahridaya provides a personal take on the transformative nature of the work of the Dharma and Triratna Buddhist Order in India. September 2016

Triratna in India

Chandrabodhi gives a personal recollection of the growth and development of the Triratna Buddhist Order in India. September 2016

On Death and Bubbles

Sanghadhara reflects on death and how to engage with a sense of beauty. September 2016

Self Metta: An Exploration

Satyajyoti looks at how metta, or kindness, towards yourself is the cornerstone of contentment. September 2016

Origins of our System of Practice

Mahabodhi explores the early history of Buddhism, and suggests that the origins of the Triratna system of practice lie there. July 2016

The Buried Life

Arthavadin challenges us in discussing self, other and the Third Order of Consciousness. May 2016

Entering the Forest

Arthavadin explores renunciation as a state of mind and not just a physical act. December 2015

Why we need the New Society

Sthirajyoti kicks off Buddhist Action Month with a talk looking at the ‘new society’ and why we need it. June 2015

The Great Turning: Talk 2

Continuing the theme of ‘turning towards’, Sona explores how we can do this collectively, as a Sangha. May 2015

Transforming Mara

Vajratara talks about dead dogs, showers of money and shapeshifting in early Buddhist stories. May 2015

Faith and Doubt

Mokshajyoti explores the theme of doubt and the role it can play in the Dharma life. May 2015

A Message to my Selves

Maniraja explores how Yogachara Buddhism speaks of a consciousness of four selves called manas. March 2015

Death is Certain, Life is King

Chandana gives a personal talk about death and loss at Manchester Buddhist Centre’s Parinirvana Day festival, February 2015.

Risking it All – Sangha as Practice

Arthapriya begins by explaining his role of president. He then encourages us to go beyond ourselves – potentially way beyond ourselves. January 2015

Radical Embrace: Week Five

Singhashri discusses how we can liberate our mind from unhelpful habits and attachments through mindfulness. December 2014

Radical Embrace: Week Three

Singhashri continues her exploration, looking at Feeling and the Dhyana factors that bring pleasure and absorption in our meditation. November 2014

Radical Embrace: Week Two

Singhashri introduces Insight Dialogue – a way of communicating the freshness and immediacy of direct experience. November 2014

Radical Embrace: Week One

Singhashri introduces the Radical Embrace – the possibility of opening to the full range of our experience with clarity and insight. October 2014

Sangha as Pure Land

Ratnaguna asks how the spirit of the Pure Land can come about in the midst of the Sangha. June 2014

Imagining Amitabha

Vidyamala talks about her relationship with the archetypal Buddha Amitabha – the Buddha of Love, at our 2014 Sangha Retreat

Buddharaksita on Compassion

Buddharaksita talks about the importance and profundity of perhaps the most characteristic Buddhist virtue – compassion. May 2014

Simple Gifts

Vidyadevi reflects on her friendship with Sangharakshita. February 2014

Who is Sangharakshita?

Arthapriya speaks about Sangharakshita, founder of the Triratna Buddhist Order and Community. February 2014

Amitasuri on Parinirvana Day

Amitasuri talks with the BBC’s Mike Shaft about Parinirvana Day, when Buddhists commemorate the Buddha’s final passing. February 2014.

Some Pali Chants

Ancient verses chanted in Buddhist devotional rituals in Pali – the language the Buddha would have spoken.

Pramodana on Hearing the Dharma

Pramodana talks about what it means to hear the Dharma, illustrating his points with examples from the Buddha’s life. July 2013

Nirvana in Ten Minutes

Mahabodhi gives a friendly and accessible guide to Nirvana in ten minutes (although the video is slightly longer!) May 2013

Cultivating the Bodhicitta

Dayanandi leads a meditation to cultivate Bodhicitta – the aspiration to enlightenment for the sake of all beings. April 2013

A Conversation on Arthacarya

Dialogue between Ratnaguna and Prasadu on the Rainy Season Urban Retreat at Manchester Buddhist Centre, April 2013

Loving and Liberating Speech

Mahasraddha and Singhashri discuss the second of the four Sangrahavastus – loving or liberating speech. April 2013

Vimalakirti Nirdesa, Chapter Two

Ratnaguna continues his exploration of the Vimalakirti Nirdesa with a recitation of Chapter 2, Inconceivable Skilful Means. February 2013

Introducing the Vimalakirti Nirdesa

Ratnaguna introduces the richly imaginative world of Mahayana, or ‘Great Way’ Buddhism, through one of its most popular texts, the Vimalakirti Nirdesa. Feb 2013

The Buddha’s Parinibbana

Weaving in personal reflections about his own near-death experience, Mahasraddha asks us to look again at our own lives. February 2013

Reflections on the Bardo Thodol

Arthaketu reflects on the Bardo Thodol, or Tibetan Book of the Dead, and its significance for Dharma practitioners today. February 2013

Building the Buddhaland

Dayamala explores how we can collectively create a Buddhaland, where everything becomes an aid in the quest for Enlightenment. January 2013

Finding the Mind

Ratnaprabha at the launch of his book of the same title. November 2012

Spiritual Rebirth 3

Drawing on the Pali Canon, Ratnaguna continues his exploration of the life of the historical Buddha. Nov 2012

Spiritual Rebirth 2

Ratnaguna draws on the Pali Canon to understand who the Buddha was and what he was like. Oct 2012

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