Buddha hands

Personal reflections on the practice of mudita

by with Chandana and Dayamala (approx 15 mins)

Meditation - Mudita bhavana all six stages, with introductory remarks

by led by Dayamala (approx 31 mins)

Talks, discussion and led meditations from a 2012 course on the Four Brahma Viharas

The course was held at Manchester Buddhist Centre from February to March 2012, as a Sangha Night series exploring the three meditations that, with the metta bhavana, make up the Four Brahma Viharas:

  1. Compassion
  2. Sympathetic Joy
  3. Equanimity

Week one of two on compassion (approx 60 mins)

by Dayamala and Chandana

Meditation - Karuna bhavana stages 1 & 2 with introduction

by (approx 25 mins)

Week two of two on compassion (approx 33 mins)

by Ratnaguna

Meditation - Karuna bhavana all six stages, , with reading from Buddhist text

by led by Ratnaguna (approx 33 mins)

Week 1 of 2 on sympathetic joy, introduction and discussion

by with Ratnaguna (approx 15 mins)

Meditation - Mudita bhavana stages one and two

by led by Ratnaguna (approx 22 mins)

Recap on sympathetic joy and 'practice' discussion

by with Chandana (approx 32 mins)

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