As Buddhism becomes more popular in the West, is it in danger of being co-opted by 21st century consumerism? Are Western Buddhists really living the Buddha’s teaching, or simply following a trendy fad?

Inspired by David Loy’s Money, Sex, War, Karma, Dh. Vadhaka’s ideas about neo-liberal cap­it­al­ism, and personal concerns about the com­modi­fic­a­tion and sec­u­lar­isa­tion of mind­ful­ness as a near enemy of the Dharma, Arthavadin asks these pro­voc­at­ive questions in a talk at Manchester Buddhist Centre’s Triratna Night, 5th January 2015.

Arthavadin covers

  • A brief history of Buddhism in the West
  • The Western context in which Buddhism is taking root
  • A Buddhist per­spect­ive on consumerism
  • How consumerism is shaping the Western approach to Buddhism
  • Some ideas on returning Buddhism to its radical edge
  • A renunciation prayer
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