Arranging an Educational Group Visit

Practicalities and Prices

Over two thousand students visit us each year from primary and secondary schools, universities and colleges, and we also welcome community and faith groups. Get in touch if you’d like to book a tailor-made guided visit here, to explore Buddhism and see the Buddhist Centre at work, or to talk through alternative arrangements.



  • At Manchester Buddhist Centre: £130 for 1½ hour session; £150 for two hours. We can currently accommodate around thirty people
  • Session at your school or college: £250 for up to two hours – travel costs included in charge
  • Online session: £130 for 1½ hour session; £150 for two hours

Charging for Booked Visits

We do have to make a charge for guided visits. Some Buddhist places of worship are run by monks and nuns, supported financially by lay Buddhists. These monastics, relying on donations, may not need to earn a living. In our tradition, Triratna, we do not have monks or nuns. Whether ordained or not, we all need to earn an ethical living and those leading our visits are paid a modest hourly rate.  Payment for visits also contributes to the charity’s running costs. 

The Buddhist Centre depends upon generosity. However, we will not turn anyone away for lack of money. Please let us know when booking if you need to negotiate a lower rate.



The Centre made a deep impression on the students – as I knew it would. I suspect the ripples will continue into their adult lives.


Buddhist Centre Window

How long a Visit should we book?

For primary and special needs groups, a standard visit is 1½ hours. For secondary and adult student groups, we recommend 1½ or 2 hours . Many older groups don’t find 1½ hours long enough for all their questions. In particular, GCSE and A level groups may find a half day visit offers a better chance of a much deeper experience of a Buddhist way of life.

Bookings and Payment

Please contact us on and we will send an invoice relating to the length of visit required and its location – your school, a zoom session, or here at Manchester Buddhist Centre.

If you cancel with less than seven days notice, you will be invoiced the relevant cancellation fee.

Free Support Materials on Request

Four helpful documents for Key Stage 2 and 3 are available for use before and after the visit. A risk and safety document also available upon request


You are welcome to take photographs anywhere but not during the meditation or stilling exercise

What to wear

There are no clothing restrictions. We ask you to remove your shoes to enter the shrine room unless disability prevents this. You may wish to wear comfortable trousers, as you may be sitting on mats and cushions, although chairs are available too.


Sorry, we do not have a lunch area.


Please contact us on

Opening Times:

• Tuesday - Thursday 11am - 3pm
• Saturday 10.30am - 2.30pm
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