Four New Manchester Order Members

Karunashuri and  Suvannasiha are ordained at Adhisthana

Buddhasamāgama and Shraddhāvādin are ordained at Padmaloka 

Joyful Ordination Ceremonies

After many years of study, spiritual friendship and practice, four members of our community joined the Triratna Buddhist Order this week. In a timeless ritual, rich in symbolism, our friends received the kesa – the white sash signifying membership of the Order – and a new Buddhist name to mark their spiritual rebirth:

  • Gill Parry is now Karunashuri – a Heroine of Compassion
  • Sandy Staplehurst is Suvannasiha – Like a Golden Lion
  • Michael Procter is Buddhasamāgama – He who is with the Buddhas
  • Alex Stirling is Shraddhāvādin – He who communicates confidence in the Dharma
  • And our good friend Mike from Liverpool is Kshantabandhu – He who is a patient friend

Their names act as a reminder of their commitment and their practice, so it’s 50p in the dana bowl every time we forget! (Not really) 

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Opening Times & more

Opening Times:

The Centre is still mostly closed due to Coronavirus, but reception and shop are open on Tuesdays and Thursdays, 11 am - 3 pm. Most events are online, so do join us there!
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