Celebrating the Steps on our Spiritual Paths

Four women with Buddhist shrine
Ellen, Juliette, Lizzy, Michael, Stephen, Dean, Ivan at shrine
Taramaitri in kesa and ordination robe
Taralocana, Aryaraksita, Sripaksini, Lilasuri in blue ordination robes

After months of waiting for an easing of covid restrictions, we’re in the midst of a summer of celebration as members of our community mark significant stages on their spiritual paths.

Cia’s Kalyana Mitra Ceremony

We put a high value on spiritual friendship, or Kalyana Mitrata, in Buddhism, and it’s important to us to mark the close connections that support us in treading the path. The very joyous occasion of Cia Vinten’s Kalyana Mitra ceremony was held here in the Vajra Hall on 1st July. In a simple and beautiful ceremony, Maitrinandi and Acharashraddha, Cia’s Kalyana Mitras or spiritual friends, rejoiced in Cia’s many merits and committed to sharing this lifelong journey with her.

It was very moving to hold the ceremony in the Buddhist Centre, and particularly special that Kalyanaprabha was the celebrant. She has been a long standing friend of Cia’s for over thirty years, and was also Manchester’s first Women’s Mitra Convenor.

Sadhu Sadhu Sadhu

Welcoming New Mitras

The word Mitra, or friend, is also used for someone who has made a preliminary commitment to their practice within our Triratna Buddhist Community. After a long uncertain period, it was wonderful to witness Ellen, Juliette, Lizzy, Michael, Stephen, Dean and Ivan, taking this step in July in the Lotus Hall, with Order members who know them well leading the afternoon. This time, some of the Mitras’ families and friends were able to join us in the shrine room, with everyone else cheering them on in large numbers through Zoom.

Sadhu Sadhu Sadhu

Ordination News

And also at long last, five women from our local community have been ordained into the Triratna Buddhist Order this summer at special retreats across the country, organised with great ingenuity to ensure safety in pandemic times. We recently welcomed back Taramaitri, ex-Debbie, in a warm and inspiring evening broadcast live from the Centre, but have to wait until October until we have Taralocana, Aryaraksita, Sripaksini and Lilasuri, previously Lynne-Marie, Sundeep, Helen and Claire, all together in one room to tell us about this major step they have taken.

Sadhu Sadhu Sadhu

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