Manchester Buddhist Centre might close!

Sangha retreat at Adhisthana

Silabodhi, our Chair, Chandana, our Centre Manager, and the Centre’s Trustees, recently wrote to people in our Buddhist Community about the Centre’s current financial circumstances. Here’s what they had to say:

Dear friends,

I don’t doubt that like us, you have a deep appreciation of the Manchester Buddhist Centre as a place where we have learned the Dharma that has changed our lives. Like us, you will also have found a community of friends, who support and enrich your life. All of this is in the context of our beautiful old building right in the heart of the city. However, like us, you must know that that comes at a cost.

Unfortunately, it is clear that we will be unable to keep the Centre open if we cannot secure more stable funding. The Centre has been losing money for several years and the reserves are now considerably depleted

We receive no outside financial support. We exist entirely on the contributions we receive from the Sangha, and our income from courses, events, the shop, and rents.

Hopefully we can address the very large roof repair cost by re-mortgaging one of our community properties, but that won’t secure the day to day running of the Centre. We are constantly doing our best to lower running costs, but these costs continue to rise, year-on-year.

We rely on you

Only you can enable our community to continue to be of service to the people of Manchester – both current Sangha members and new people coming through our doors for the first time. It is always moving to see people on introductory courses inspired by their awakening to the Buddha’s teachings. It would be tragic if we lost the capability to teach large numbers in the city centre.

Of course, many of you give already – both your money and time. However, we have reached a point where we need to ask you truly to weigh up what our Centre means to you. I need to ask you to reflect deeply on the reality that it is really down to the Sangha – that only you and your friends at the Centre can sustain what we do.

If for example 100 people gave £15 more a month, or 150 people gave £10 to £15 more, we would increase our annual income between £18,000 and £27,000 a year: a considerable level of security for the Centre at little cost to us individually.

I hope you will agree this is a small price to pay to save our Centre. I urge you to consider increasing your standing order, or setting one up if you haven’t already. This would help us to move to a much more secure financial position, and maintain our central Manchester presence. Thank you for considering this.

There are three main ways you can set up or increase your standing order.

1. Online by clicking here
2. By completing a standing order leaflet (available from reception and around the dana boxes on the ground floor). These can be filled in and returned to reception.
2. Through your own bank. Manchester Buddhist Centre’s bank details are as follows: Royal Bank of Scotland, Account Number: 11696847, Sort Code: 16-34-27. Please quote reference: MBCstanding order

Yours, with hope for a continued thriving Sangha and a great Dharma centre.

– Silabodhi (Chair)
– Chandana (Centre Manager)
– The Trustees of the Manchester Buddhist Centre

Manchester Buddhist Centre
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