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Getting started

Zoom is available for desktop computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones. If you already have Zoom installed, everything will open automatically when you click on the link in an event you want to join here. If you don’t, instructions will come up to help you install it. It’s worth doing this ahead of time!

On joining an event, there’s an opportunity to switch on the video camera so other people can see you, and to change the name that’s showing for you, which can be useful if you are on a shared or borrowed device.

Zoom updates itself quite frequently and it’s probably worth making sure you always have the latest version.

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Making the most of our Zoom sessions

Our classes and other events are friendly and often interactive, with opportunities for questions and discussion, sometimes in small groups. If you are able to turn on your camera and microphone, you will feel far more part of things, and communication will be easier for everyone. Choose Join with Video option. Turning your camera off while meditating is fine though, and some people may need to reduce their sensory input at other times too. Turning off the camera can also sometimes help with shaky internet connections, so camera use is always flexible in our sessions. Don’t forget that you can also change your settings so you don’t see yourself, which many people find distracting. 

Arriving and leaving

We aim to start every session on time and it isn’t always possible to join once we’ve started, especially if there are periods of meditation. Although everyone is of course free to leave any event at any time at the click of a button, if you do have to leave early it’s helpful to other participants to try and do do this in broadly the same way as you would in real life, maybe using the chat box to say goodbye.

Changing times

Like everyone else, we’re still quite new to running online events and know that they can feel quite a lot different from being with people in real life, but we’re doing our best in a spirit of acceptance of imperfection. Feedback is always welcome as we’re making many changes and improvements as we go along.


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