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In this talk Day­anandi gives an over­view of the whole Path, and how it has arisen in the Buddhist tradition.

Talk given at Manchester Buddhist Centre on 28th February 2011

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Finding the Path – first in a 2011 series of talks on the five great stages of spiritual experience that develop and unfold as we progress on the Path to Enlightenment

These five stages, dimensions or principles are becoming prominent in the Triratna Buddhist Community as the five main principles or facets of the spiritual life, important to develop and keep in balance:

  1. Integration and mindfulness
  2. Positive or creative emotion
  3. Vision or spiritual death
  4. Transformation or spiritual rebirth
  5. Receptivity or spontaneity
Sangharakshita’s summary of the stages as five simple precepts
  1. Keep up the effort to be mindful and aware and as together as possible, as integrated as possible
  2. Remain in as positive a mental state as you possibly can
  3. Do not lose sight of your ultimate goal at any time
  4. Try to apply this to practice at every level whatever you’ve realised or discovered or seen on the highest level of your being at any time
  5. Do your best for other people, do what you can to help people
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