What is a Buddhist atti­tude to nature? Does our rela­tion­ship with nature mat­ter for the spir­itual life?

We live in a time of threat to the eco-system. How can human beings live with more love and appre­ci­ation of the nat­ural world? What does Buddhism have to offer?

Buddhism and the Big Questions

This is a personal and inspir­ing talk in a series address­ing the rel­ev­ance of the Buddha’s teach­ings to con­tempor­ary issues. Talk given at Manchester Buddhist Centre on 25th June 2011

About Vajragupta

Vajragupta has been a Buddhist since the early nineties. Nearly every year since that time, he has spent a month on his own on retreat in some beau­ti­ful, isol­ated part of the UK. He is the author of Buddhism: Tools for Liv­ing your Life.

He has taught Buddh­sim and med­it­a­tion for many years and was pre­vi­ously the chair of the Birm­ing­ham Buddhist centre.

He lives in Worcester and works full time for the Tri­r­atna Buddhist Com­munity devel­op­ment team

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